Monday, December 19, 2011

Have the Poor in China Had Enough? Not Yet.

Are the poor or rural Chinese ever going to have enough?  Enough that they take up arms or at least take up signs in protest against the government?  There were mighty concerns during the Arab Spring by those in the highest levels of the Chinese government.  Access was shut down to micro-blog sites and other external news and social networking sites.  The Great Firewall of China was further extended.  They banned demonstrations.

While all of this works for a while, China's increasing presence on the global stage is putting these  efforts in jeopardy.  They can't play without continuing to open up their country and society a little more each day.  They can't develop economically while remaining stagnant philosophically - it is my assumption that the world won't stand for it... for long.  Trademark, patent, IP issues will eventually decay interest.  And the continuing thirst for wealth and power will force the hand.   

The drive for wealth continues to push the lower class down.  There's going to be a tipping point.  Yet for some reason, I was still surprised to see a threatened revolt publicized on Reuters.  Villagers complaining about Communists stealing land for decades.  There's a lucrative housing project that just got approved that took more land from the villagers.  They've pushed the Communists out and are threatening more action.  Full story (here)

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